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TB#16: Inaction Breeds Fear – Take Action Now


And action breeds courage.

How many times have you noticed worrying about something that you either must or even get to do.

How will it go?

What if something goes wrong?

Am I prepared?

And then you fall into the trap of thinking about thinking – anxiety creeps in. And soon you find yourself at the bottom of the bed, paralyzed and unable to do anything.

But it wasn’t the upcoming “something” that caused all that.

It was you.

It was you who spent your time thinking instead of doing.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear.

Action breeds confidence and Courage.

Dale Carnegie

We Begin

If you’re anything like me, you will have a list of dreams, projects, ambitions – stuff that you’d like to one day start doing.

You’ve read Atomic Habits 10 times, done your affirmations in front of the mirror to summon the courage, and you’ve planned the first 100 steps carefully – it’s all in your head!

Practically done!


Or not.

If you haven’t started yet, why would you start tomorrow?

That was the loop that has been going on in my head for quite a while now.

No longer. My passion is to build.

Has always been and always will be.

but I also like people.

I like you.

So, let’s finally build something together!

Introducing…The Inaugural BUILD28

Build a side business in 28 days.

On February 20, I will join forces with a few co-instructors to host a four-week course, during which you will create and launch your first minimum viable side business. This course will cover the basics and walk you through all the way to your first launch. And we do it all together.

The landing page is still raw. But I want you to have the first access to this one:

Check out

Click the big button on the page if you’re ready!

If not, see ya here next week for the usual agenda.

About the author 

Simo Hosio  -  Simo is an award-winning scientist, Academy Research Fellow, research group leader, professor, and digital builder. This site exists to empower people to build passion projects that support professional growth and make money.

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