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Here I recommend stuff shamelessly – but only the good stuff! When you buy or sign up to any of the following, I get a billion dollars. They’re affiliate links. And I consider every single item here to be 10x worth their price.

Everything Internet

The site you’re now on is built using pure magic, consisting of two parts: reliable hosting and stellar WordPress tools.

Web Hosting: NameHero. I’ve been with them for years. Personal sites, server for the research group for other uses. Stellar support, class act altogether. And just to get started, it’s less than $5 a month!

The Swiss Army Knife of all things WordPress: Thrive Themes. Get it, learn to build with it, succeed in life, relationships and business!

Finally, for everything else and for random fun, there’s AppSumo!


Predictably Irrational — a stellar primer on human’s irrationality.

War of Art — literally the only book you will ever need to read about motivation for creative side projects or the creative process in general.

The Luck Factor — there’s an actual science behind getting lucky. A must read if you think that somehow magically others just seem to get luckier than you.

Bonus Items:

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