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TB#38: Just One More Creative Way to Your First Online Profits


Today, I share one weird-ish technique that just works like magic in getting started online.

This is also one of the best examples of how creative you can get online! After all, that’s the #1 reason to build, even if you don’t need the money. The challenge, the freedom, the creativity – all unmatched!

So.. Let’s dive in.

First, let me start with this: Getting paid online doesn’t have to have anything to do with your own skills. You can just connect people with other people in creative ways and make it work for everyone. A simple way is to repackage other people’s products.

Now, of course under the hood I’m talking about affiliate marketing here.

But this one is something entirely different. And you can do this one in many flavours, from a completely clean game to a nasty unethical cash-grab. But I’m not here to debate ethics now. I’m here to share…

The Method Melt

I dubbed this technique “The Method Melt” because that’s what it literally is. You take two proven items–two methods with strong synergy–and you “melt” them together into one. And you give that one away for free.

Here’s how it works:

1) Find two proven methods, products, techniques, out of which at least one is a paid one with an affiliate program.

Just for the sake of an example, let’s build something cool in the weight loss niche.

The first thing you want to do is find a product with tons of positive reviews and testimonials behind it. There are a lot of weight loss programs out there that work just fine. Weight Watchers is probably the most known one. Oh, and it has an affiliate program too!

But any program will work. Check out if you want to see what all is out there.

And then you want to find another one with some other type of proof behind it. Go for scientific proof!

What works in weight loss? Well, nutrition and exercise do. So just pick your item here wisely: Choose something that’s been shown to work. You know, most diets actually work. People just don’t follow them. But you get the point. Just make sure it doesn’t contradict with the first item so that whoever decides to try your melted method doesn’t have to choose from the two but can use both at the same time.

Now, you have two great items that you want to combine into a new product: Your Product!

Here’s how you do that:

  • Come up with a unique name. In our example, let’s call it “Fat Burner 8000” just to make it extra clear that we need something unique. Feel free to use something more sensible/serious in your own work.
  • Register a domain for that unique name. Before doing that, just do a google search to check your name REALLY has no competition out there (see the screenshot later).
  • Make the landing page ultra simple: Just an email capture with fat call to action: “Get The Famous Fat Burner 8000 Method for Free:”

And boom, your new product in its own domain is born!

All you do then is write an email series that explains the concept.

Use ConvertKit.

The FB8000 consists of combining Weight Watchers and Meal Prep, with endless walls of testimonials of how both of these melted methods work. It’s a practice (testimonials) and science (the exercise regime) based method that cannot fail if you just commit to it.

And since your product is based on stuff that real-life works, you’re not deceiving anyone.

You’re just delivering the message.

2) Find ways to give it away for free

“But Simo you dumbo nobody searches for a product with a weird name.”

I know! Not YET they don’t. But they will.

Of course having a lander out there does nothing alone!

So you’re going to make them search for your product.

And this time it’s easy! Because now you can TALK about it as if it you don’t know who runs it. Just mention the method’s name in comments, social media conversations, forums etc. Naturally you have to do some promotion if you have a product.

“Hey I’ve used similar strategies in a program called Fat Burner 8000, managed to see some results in just 6 months”

I’ve shared this 10 years old resource before:

The internet is full of eyeballs, your job is just to direct them to what you have to offer. There are thousands of places where take part in discussions and leave comments.

Find them in your niche, be human, and get to work.

Read Traffic Leaks.

Here’s what’s super cool about The Method Melt. Your product now has a unique name so you don’t need to link to it. In fact, you MUST NOT link to it. Links are considered spammy by algorithms and humans alike. But if you just talk about it, people will Google it.

And they’ll find it.

Because you can rank fast in Google for “Fat Burner 8000”. Our example? There’s nothing similar out there. So the exact-match domain would rank in 2-3 weeks.


And now all that’s left is…

3) Add magic to the method

Now that you have a product that’s not really a product but a direct affiliate product pitch, you also have a great opportunity to deliver more.

Write daily actionable emails to help people decide and take action.

Send free guides.

Serve your list, really help people lose weight.

Go the extra mile.

If the people subscribing to your list buy either one of the “main methods”, you’ll profit.

And whatever they buy downstream, as they are on your list, is pure profit too.

Costs to get started are almost nothing.

The potential is practically unlimited.

This is the equation that’s so fantastic online.

The method works.

I’ve personally used it to generate $1000s selling affiliate products. And although not quite directly as this, I still do. I have products that have unique names but that rely on the buyers using third party tools.

And I affiliate for those tools.

It’s the same principle. But you don’t want to overcomplicate it first.

So just do what I explained above: A simple lander, simple message, two products melted into one. And give it away.

It doesn’t have to get more complicated than that.

That’s all for now!

Catch you here again next week?


About the author 

Simo Hosio  -  Simo is an award-winning scientist, Academy Research Fellow, research group leader, professor, and digital builder. This site exists to empower people to build passion projects that support professional growth and make money.

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