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TB#25: Creating Content is Easy


Creating content can be tricky: What to post, when to post, why even post?!!

I want to make it easy for you.

Today, let’s talk about planning and self-awareness in content creation. And while my examples are on Twitter here, the same principles apply on any platform.

Plan and Schedule: what, how and when

There are a few key types of content you must create consistently: Stories, lessons, threads, authority tweets, encouragements, etc.

And especially in the beginning, it’s tough to just wing it.

To make it easier, spend time to develop a system to schedule the types of content you want to publish and when exactly.

Here’s an example from my system that I use every single week (I just finished the plan for next week):

Basically, I’m doing a “low hanging fruit” piece every morning just to build some momentum by saying GM to everyone. Why not? It’s a great habit and I like to do it. Then I have a few people I want to engage with, and for the next week I’m doubling down on quick lessons on different aspects of side biz. Just one-tweet mini-lessons.

Should take me 5 minutes each or even less.

Some other days, I’m booking items for “stories” and for some other days “platitudes”.

Super simple!

Inside those items, I have my templates for each, stored in something Notion calls “sync blocks” — so I can keep updating my template gallery and use them when I am running out of inspiration.

If you wish to use my system, you know where to get it (it’s part of BUILD28).

Without a plan like this, you will be left wondering what to post. Or might end up posting only one type of content that’s the easiest to create when you’re in a hurry (aren’t we all…

Collecting the Content on the go through Self-Awareness

Now, here’s where I see a lot of people overcomplicating it.

You have schedules, plans, templates…and the templates especially can be a blessing and a curse!

You get them from some creator you look up to. Then you think obeying them is the only way to do things. You think you must write exactly what and how the templates dictate.

But what if it’s just not your thing?

You HAVE to make the templates and plans effortless to you. You have to make them yours. You have to do you.

We all know consistency is king. So here’s how you post at least something useful every day:

Just talk, publicly, about the things you like!

And remember why I post GMs? Because I like to do it… MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU!

And, still, some people overthink even this. “But I can’t fit it into a template…” Yes, if the templates don’t work for you, build your own! See what works for you, over time, and stick to that.

Think of templates as empty cups. Then you just fill the cup with whatever happens in your life:

  • When you like something outside Twitter, take note
  • When you learn even a simple trick to doing something, take note
  • When you encounter something during your day that could be a short story, take note

Look, you live every day. You learn every day. You smell, taste, hear, feel things every day.

But do you take notice? And do you write notes?

Those two things, or in other words having great self-awareness, will unlock an easy path to creating social media content.

Templates are the cups. Your life is what you fill the cups with. And then the items in your content plan dictate when you post and what.

You just share what you do! And it will resonate with others who want to do the same! That’s the audience you want to attract anyway. Not the people who are on different journeys than you but the ones who are on the same path!

Don’t overcomplicate consistency!


About the author 

Simo Hosio  -  Simo is an award-winning scientist, Academy Research Fellow, research group leader, professor, and digital builder. This site exists to empower people to build passion projects that support professional growth and make money.

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