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TB#43: Complete a Mountainous Amount of Work After a Long Break


Sometimes you just have to push it.

To the limit. And when you do, all it really takes is the correct mindset. Think about it:

“I’m a doer”


“Omg too much of everything I can’t do this life is unfair it will all fall apart anyway”

Which one will it be for you my friend?

Oh no…


Are you saying…

another post about mindset?




I’m writing this one to myself. I just find myself in front of mountains of work on three fronts: 9-5 career, online business plans and personal skills development.

And here’s how I think about it.

1. Task Mountain? How About a Theme Park!

Once you go back to your todo list after a long holiday…yeah, your heart sinks.

Same here.

So here’s what I do: View it as a sea of opportunities – a theme park with ups and down. Challenges, losses, wins.

All you gotta do is go on one ride at a time.

2. Overwhelm & Information?

Constant chatter, endless gossip, and way too many stories.

That’s what’s ahead of us when we return to normal.

Sure, there’s gold in there, but now’s not the time to pay attention.

Now’s the time to prioritize and push through the first immediate tasks.

And it’ll get easier.

3. Get Messy.

Perfect is boring.

You’re human and guess what?

Mistakes are the hallmark of our species.

And now’s the time to just get s**t done.

Forgive yourself.

4. Envy Won’t Help. Admiration Will.

Yea yea. That OTHER guy got everything done even during the break.

And is looking better than ever.

Good on him.

But instead of getting jelly, get curious.

Talk. Pick their brains. Adopt what works and tweak it to your life.

Maybe next time, you will be in the same position!

On this note…one of my buddies did a 6-figure course launch when I was busy doing nothing.

Envy? No.

Inspired? totally.

(I’ll be sharing some more AI goodies once I dive into it…)

5. Rome? Wasn’t Done in a Day. Neither Will be Your To-Do List.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Rediscover your pace.

With each tick on your list, you’re one step closer.


6. Unexpected Tasks? Bring ‘Em On!

Life loves its curveballs.

So does your unread inbox.

Next week’s plans suddenly doubled?

Smile. Tackle. Adjust. Overcome.

Every unexpected task? Just a plot twist in your story.


7. Lead

Thinking of handling it all solo?


Talk about your work. Delegate and tackle the worst together.

Shared tasks lighten the load.

Plus team victories are the sweetest anyway!

Recap of The Box this Week:

  1. View Tasks as Theme Park Rides
  2. Embrace Overwhelm as a Party
  3. Ditch Perfection
  4. Swap Envy for Admiration
  5. Tackle Tasks Like a Marathon
  6. Welcome the Unexpected
  7. Lead

Now, away with this and back to work!


About the author 

Simo Hosio  -  Simo is an award-winning scientist, Academy Research Fellow, research group leader, professor, and digital builder. This site exists to empower people to build passion projects that support professional growth and make money.

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