Crowd-Powered Personal Decision Support Systems

I designed, developed and tested with end-users an online tool for personal decision support.

In 2015, I won a highly competitive (accept rate ~10%) Academy of Finland postdoctoral grant for three years. This was the first ever postdoctoral grant from Academy of Finland to crowdsourcing.

Since the project, the tool I created has been found useful across a plethora of use cases and in investigating different ways of providing decision support, including AI-based conversational approaches in the early 2020s. The tool, AnswerBot, has been used by tens of thousands of end-users, across problems in software engineering and especially healthcare: Parkinson’s Disease, Low Back Pain, Mental Health, or e.g. healthy dieting options.

During the project, I also collaborated with researchers from Tokyo University, Japan, and Oxford, UK, just to name a few.

  • Funder: Academy of Finland / Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Amount: 390 000 €
  • Duration: 1.9.2015 – 31.8.2018

Top Publications

Hosio S, Karppinen J, Takala EP, Takatalo J, Goncalves J, van Berkel N, Konomi S & Kostakos V (2018)
Crowdsourcing Treatments for Low Back Pain
Proc. ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018)

Hosio S, Karppinen J, van Berkel N, Oppenlaender J & Goncalves J (2018)
Mobile Decision Support and Data Provisioning for Low Back Pain
IEEE Computer, 51(8).

Hosio S, Goncalves J, van Berkel N, Klakegg S, Konomi S & Kostakos V (2018)
Facilitating Collocated Crowdsourcing on Situated Displays
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Vol 33.

Hosio S, Goncalves J, Anagnostopoulos T & Kostakos V (2016)
Leveraging Wisdom of the Crowd for Decision Support
In Proc. British Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI)

Hosio S, Goncalves J, Kostakos V & Riekki J (2015)
Crowdsourcing Public Opinion using Urban Pervasive Technologies: Lessons from Real-Life Experiments in Oulu
Policy & Internet 7 (2)

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