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It's 80% psychology, 20% action.  

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It's not about hating your day job or dreams of getting rich.

You'll understand how to build online to support everything else in your life, including gaining an additional edge at your 9-5.

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Have an idea in mind already? No clue what to build? No problem! 

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You're here to get your feet wet, not to build a rocket ship. 

Create your first product in two days without losing your good night's sleep. Everyone started somewhere, and this is where you start.

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It's in the name: Zero to One. 

You'll execute a simple and powerful technique to get your first sale, using free tools and traffic sources that will help you scale up your business.

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Consistency is key to any triumphs in life. Building online is no different.

I share my simple but powerful approach to stay consistent in building and promoting. This makes it easy for you to get your first sales.

The first dollar changes everything. It hits different. 

Once you know how to make one, you know how to make a thousand more.


Simo Hosio, Ph.D. 

Simo is an award-winning scholar, professor, and a research group leader. He encourages everyone to challenge their creativity through digital side projects. He has personally launched dozens of different online products during the past 15 years and attributes a lot of his career success to the skills learned through these side projects. Now he is creating a community of builders to grow together. 

And this is your invitation. Sign up (it's free) and come say hi! After all, you won't know what's behind the door if you never knock...