Writing is an intellectual superpower. 

There are many ways to learn but consistency is imperative.

Join our free social accountability group where we write. 

And reap the rewards for the rest of your life. 

Here's how:

1) Commit to writing at least 500 words daily. Any text is OK: academic, blog posts, tweetstorms, personal journals. This is entirely up to you. But you must write 500 per day.

2) Join the 'write-500' channel on the free Kaizen Hour Discord Server. Here's our home.

3) Be supportive. Encourage. Share others' work online. Let's grow together!

What is this about?

  • Getting better at writing every day
  • Developing an invaluable skill through consistency
  • Fostering your creativity
  • Drinking coffee, making new connections
  • Learning the required discipline

What is this not about?

  • Tire-kicking: Only join if you plan to do the work
  • A school about any specific style of writing
  • Demonstrating your superiority over others
  • Thinking too much aka analysis paralysis
  • Perfection


With just 100 members, 500 words per day each, and about 20 working days per month, we'll get... 100*20*500 = one million words. 

To kickstart things, we accept now only 100 members through the invite below. 

First come, first serve.

But please consider carefully if 1) this is for you and 2) the time is right for this.

If you're 100% sure about it, hit the button below and come say hi at the 'write-500' channel.

Your life can change today.