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You may have failed to lose weight simply because of trying the wrong diets. Take 30 seconds to find a diet, based on science and crowdsourced knowledge from people just like you.

And it's all based on science!

OK! Who are you?

We'll use data from people like you to improve the suggestions.

What really matters to you in your diet?

Use the sliders (one or more) to indicate what type of diet would be ideal for you.

- It helps me lose weight fast Does not matter at all

- It is a good long-term solution Does not matter at all

- It is generally recommended also by other people Does not matter at all

- It does not require a lot of willpower Does not matter at all

- It is a balanced diet and provides the needed nutrients Does not matter at all

- It is cheap to follow Does not matter at all

The best diets for you are:

Just a sec...crunching data...


Sure thing!

It's not easy, we know. Sign up below, and we'll help you get started:

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