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TB#32: The Copy-and-Paste Trick that Could Save you Hundreds


Alright, let’s face it

ChatGPT is in Trouble…

Have you seen the hook above? My God.

It’s the new thing on Twitter!

Ride the trend and keep parroting the absurd claim how ChatGPT dead. And then, oh the irony, recommend 7 other online tools that are all just ChatGPT wrappers.

And people, in their AI-fever, buy it.

But don’t hate the game. Or the player. The people posting those threads are masters of attention, getting tens of thousands of followers and capitalising their attention sooner or later.

I love it (while secretly being a bit jelly.)

Anyway, ChatGPT is not in trouble.

And while I haven’t been talking about the use of AI too much here, I’m using it every day, both in my job and building side projects.

Today I want to share something that works.

The other day, I went about googling how to improve headlines. I was writing something. So I wanted to just explore different versions of my headline.

And, of course, there’s an AI for that. Who could’ve thought, right?

Simo sees, Simo tries:

–> Sign up for a free trial

–> Insert headline

–> Get variations!

But hey, in addition to the variations, the thing also told me exactly what kind of variations it produces.

So… I quickly reverse engineered the whole thing using GPT-4.

“Hello GPT4, I want you to take a seed headline and then produce <variation 1>, <variation 2> …. a bit more back-and-forth negotiations, and then in the end I just asked it to summarize everything we just did in a comprehensive prompt I could use in the future.

Add a bit of manual tweaking…and here it is:

Hello ChatGPT, I’m on an ambitious quest to craft a headline that won’t just capture attention, but will virtually magnetize readers, compel clicks, and provoke engagement. My current headline for the blog post is: ‘{{field 1}}’. It’s good, but we’re aiming for unparalleled greatness. I kindly ask for your aid in this endeavor:

Transformation Array: Gift me three variants of this headline, each tapping into a potent emotional appeal – curiosity, urgency, and surprise – but ensure each one is still rooted in truth and relevance to the content.

Alchemy of Persuasion: My current headline needs a metamorphosis. Please distill its essence and recast it into something supremely compelling. What unique elements can we weave into it to elevate it to irresistible levels? Provide three modified examples using Alchemy of Persuasion.

The Linguistic Lure: Please modify the headline with high-impact words and power phrases to make it impossible for readers to scroll past. Provide 3 different variations.

The Resonance Roadmap: Share some timeless principles, and specific techniques I could use as a guide to consistently sculpt impactful, click-worthy headlines. Suggest alternative headlines in this style.

The SEO Confluence: Suggest alternative keywords that are both relevant to the content and strategically potent from an SEO standpoint. How can we integrate these seamlessly into the headline without disrupting its allure? Provide a few examples or the modified headline.

Multi-sensory Appeal: To engage the reader’s imagination fully, could you reimagine the headline in two or three versions that vividly evoke specific sensory experiences?

The Chameleon Challenge: Retaining the core concept, could you shape-shift the headline into two or three distinct formats? Think about list-based, how-to, question, problem-solution, or even a daring juxtaposition format.

Thank you!

By providing modified examples in all of the styles above, you’re doing a great job!

Finally, I also want you to provide me three headlines, among all of the headlines produced above, that you personally think will perform best in eliciting clicks and attention among readers.

Now, just replace {{field 1}} with your initial headline idea, feed it to either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 (both work remarkably well with this prompt), and watch the magic unfold in front of your eyes.

I use for all my ChatGPT needs.

So you can just add the prompt as a custom prompt there, and the token will get nicely pre-selected when you launch this as a new chat.

Using the prompt will provide you pretty cool headline modifications that, apparently, can cost as much as $19 / month if you just buy the service I found online.

Not going to name it, but… that’s how wild this game of these wrappers is at this moment.

And people pay!

But you don’t have to.

Does it really work?

Oh it does.

Let’s work out a headline for this post. Yes, the one you’re reading.

Here’s the boring “facts only” version: “Copy this Text Snippet and Save Money”

–> using the prompt above, here’s just a few of the dozens of variations it spits out:

  1. The Copy-and-Paste Trick That Could Save You Hundreds
  2. How to Save Money Today: Copy This Piece of Text
  3. The Secret to Huge Savings: Text Duplication

Okay, some of them are a bit corny, but you get the point!

Am I saying this will eliminate the need for _real_ human copywriters and copy skills?

Oc course not! But for the majority of us, this is an improvement.

Start storing prompts like this in you library, and over time you’ll have some pretty cool tools in your arsenal!

Okay, till next week!


About the author 

Simo Hosio  -  Simo is an award-winning scientist, Academy Research Fellow, research group leader, professor, and digital builder. This site exists to empower people to build passion projects that support professional growth and make money.

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