Let’s Create a Business, pt.1

I’ve had this domain now for over 10 years: http://vomitmonster.com/

That’s a decade of non-use. And for those of you who know how much a domain costs, it’s not entirely free either.

So, let’s create a business.

My goal is to make back the money and more. How much more? Not much. Just a bit.

It’s just a small creative side-hustle – a neat summer project, hopefully.

Any ideas what could I do with it? Sell t-shirts? Anyone wants to draw me a monster? Something else?

Hit me up, let’s do this. Email me or write in the comments below (But leave your contact details). I’ll reward, MAGNIFICIENTLY, the ideas leading to me being a millionaire in 2022.

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A computer scientist and a self-help cult leader at Kaizen Hour.

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