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How to Write and Win Grants

I've won almost 3 million USD in grants before getting tenured. All the typical advice (focus on being excellent etc.) you can get from Google.

These tips you can only get here:

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Here's a sample of what you'll get right away:

  • A "hidden in plain sight" tip: Discover the one critical factor ignored by most academics but required by funders to make their decisions. This will ensure your proposal resonates with just the right audience.
  • The one hard lesson that unlocked my biggest win: Learn to avoid the almost chronic syndrome by junior grant writers through a case study of winning the #1 personal grant from the nation's biggest public research funding organization (worth almost $1,000,000 in total).
  • How to exploit Big Tech AI ethically and efficiently for grant writing (no, not with ChatGPT): There is a way nobody else talks about and that is useful beyond imagination in preparing grants. And it has nothing to do with generative AI. Learn how AI can help you not only write better but also learn more about your grant topic.

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