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Make your Brains Work for You

Get clear

Clarity is power. Eliminate uncertainty, the #1 cause of procrastination, and tap into focus and flow without stress.

Crush your goals

With uncertainty gone, you can build personal systems and routines that make crushing your goals inevitable.

Operate from a vision

Why work toward anything else than a bright future that lights your heart on fire? You get one shot at life, make it count!

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Meet Simo Hosio, PhD.

Simo Hosio is an internationally recognized social computing scientist. He's currently a professor, leads his own research group, and he's first ever Finnish scholar who graduated under the prestigious Ph.D. scholarship programme of Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. Hosio investigates Human-Computer Interaction – the ways we work and how we work with computers in our everyday lives. He has published over 100+ international, peer-reviewed scientific articles in many of the flagship venues of his field (which have been cited by other scientists over 2600 times). Among others, his work has been featured in The Economist, New Scientist and BBC. Hosio has received multiple recognitions and awards (best paper awards, best presentation, honorable mentions) and has acquired ten personal research and development grants from six different foundations, totalling way over seven figures $$$. 

While pursuing his academic interests, Hosio has created several successful side businesses ranging from email marketing, local lead generation, affiliate marketing, e-course sales, and Kindle Direct Publishing. Oh, and all this was all done while raising three wild kids and maintaining sanity. But none of that matters. It's all just fancy titles and numbers.

What matters is how. You'll discover that and more inside The Fast Lane to Focus.

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