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Starting your own digital business is the fastest way to master invaluable modern skills and boost your professional growth – plus you get paid to do it!

"Simo's programs have been instrumental in my side businesses, all the way from our brainstorming sessions to guidance on how to pack and profit from my existing skills without having learn anything new"

Antti Niittyviita

2x CEO, Keynote speaker, coach, tiktok influencer (2m+ followers)

Your turn! Get BUILD28:


- SAVE TIME: Avoid beginner mistakes

SAVE MONEY: Never buy another course

- SAVE NERVES: 100% money back guarantee


Do this now. You'll never have more time. Not next week, not next month. You know it: If you don't start now, you'll never start.  

Action breeds courage Take the first step today with a proven blueprint. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Different topic areas means you'll learn everything needed for a winning side business


Video lessons that you can binge-watch or access any time convenient for you

4h 59m

Combined runtime – this is the last course you'll need to kickstart it all the right way

Stop spinning your wheels and get busy building:

BUILD28 teaches you everything you need to ideate and launch your first side business.

The lessons and bonuses also show you how to continually improve and promote your product once it's out.

Launch your side business with RISE:

  • Follow a proprietary blueprint (RISE - Rethink, Implement, Systematize, Engage) to build a side business your audience will love
  • Kickstart it all just 28 days – tailored for the busy professional
  • Learn at your own pace with the video course and Notion workbooks
  • Keep it all forever, including the valuable bonuses – even if you get a refund!


If, for any reason whatsoever, you're not happy with BUILD28, you get a full refund anytime within 28 days of your purchase.

Just email me and I'll be happy to refund you in full. You also keep everything forever, and we part as friends. 

Sounds fair?





Create a business to complement your 9-5, not compete with it

BUILD28 is for hobbyists and professionals alike:

  • Professionals wishing to improve their career prospects
  • Ordinary people wishing to explore new challenges and self-growth
  • Anyone who wants to take better control of their finances with an online business

1) Work on you

You'll level-up in fundamental skills in the modern society: building confidence, engineering sticky habits, and staying laser-focused

2) Work on your business

Build a second income stream in just 28 days. From rethinking your idea to implementing it via rapid iteration, you will launch an information product you can be proud of in just four short weeks. 

Anyone can do this:

With the right mindset, guidance, and by following my RISE-blueprint, I know you can launch your side business. This is why BUILD28 comes with a full guarantee. But allow me to walk you through some of the common concerns that people have before learning how it all works out. 

"I just don't have enough time."

Time is a precious resource, and don't we all wish we had more of it? But the beauty of starting an online side business is that you can do it in the pockets of time you find throughout your day. Our program is designed to maximize your efforts with just an hour or two of daily commitment. 

Imagine what you could achieve with consistent, focused effort, even with a busy schedule. Oh, and have you measured lately how much time you spend on social media? Well, with this program, you'll learn to LEVERAGE that time for promoting yourself and your product to boost your professional credibility, personal brand and make sales with your new product!

"What if I fail? It's too risky."

Want to know what's risky? Not starting at all! Fear of failure is a natural human emotion. But it's also a chance for growth. BUILD28 provides you with a proven system and support that helps you overcome this fear. You'll understand how to learn from your setbacks and emerge stronger than ever. 

Remember, you have nothing to lose here – don't let fear dictate your future.

"I'm not an expert – how can I run a successful side business?"

But you are. I'm willing to bet you just haven't wrapped your mind yet about how to identify, frame and understand your positioning in the online business world. The first module will destroy all your self-harming thoughts, as you understand that you are already an expert in something other people are willing to pay for. Besides, BUILD28 is tailored to guide you through acquiring even more skills and knowledge around your idea, regardless of your background

Embrace this opportunity to learn and grow, and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

"I can't afford to start a side business."

Starting an online side business doesn't have to break the bank. BUILD28 focuses on cost-effective strategies that minimize expenses. There are countless businesses you can launch with little to no upfront costs, and as you reap the rewards of your hard work, you can reinvest to expand and scale.

So, how does $0 sound to you?

"The market is already saturated – there's no room for me."

The online marketplace is vast and ever-changing, providing endless opportunities. BUILD28 eliminates saturation from the equation. You'll work on your unique product and bundle that with your personality, promoting your business the way nobody else can do: through authenticity. 

You will differentiate yourself from the competition and carve out your own space in the market.

Here's What They Say About BUILD28:

Build 28 exceeded expectations!!!

Hey, Renz here.

Build 28 was amazing! I highly recommend doing the course if you want to build a side hustle, digital course or new product/service.

The #1 most valuable thing was the structure and instructional videos by Simo.
The order Simo has set up the lessons and videos make it easy to execute on your ideas and have a finished product/service/course + launch promotion with 28 days.

Simo is an expert at his craft and if you want to build something fast and be accountable, Build 28 is your #1 choice.

Thanks again Simo!


Fitness Coach

True value

I've gone through multiple groups & cohorts. Build28 is of the few that have given me TONS of value.

The way Simo gives over the material along with his videos simplifies the process.

It's exciting, and fun to go on this journey with him and the others. Best part is it's broken down into an easy to use system.

There is no overly complex or high level knowledge needed.

If you're looking for an easy to use, well designed program to build your first product - look no further than Build28!


BUILD28 Member

The most ACTIONABLE program to launch a side-business

I'm blown away by how quickly I was able to build my digital product. I know I was late by a week, however I just launched my first product on Gumroad through BUILD28.

I personally liked the way you have stacked up the lessons from idea to launch. Of course, like you mentioned, I look at this program as a lifetime learning more than a quick income stream.

Highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to start their side-business, because there's no other way for them except launching their product!

Thanks a lot for your support and wisdom.


CRO Specialist

  • BUILD28 opens up new doors and opportunities in your life, both professionally and personally
  • You can apply the knowledge and skills gained from BUILD28 in any profession – a valuable investment if you're looking to improve your career prospects
  • Inside BUILD28 you'll learn from industry veterans about how to best align your job and side business

Building your dreams and a career at the same time is easy

Who's the weirdo behind BUILD28?

Hi there ?

I'm Simo.

I'm a full-time academic (Ph.D. Computer Science, Professor, research group leader) and digital creator. 

At some point when I was just a college student, I started building interesting things online to learn and earn.

And then I never stopped.

It's in my blood now. And I want to invite you to the fast track into this world.

Before we get to the the why, here's just a sample of what I've done:

Weight loss site up and earning monthly passive income for over 13 years,

Wordpress plugins (a big mistake),

a boatload of paid advertising campaigns,

affiliate marketing (with commissions of $200+ each), 

high-ticket lead generation for dentists (worth $10,000+),

email lists in a dozen niches,

AdSense (easily $1000s)

coupon sites for families,

freebie curation site,


poll sites...

...and I probably forgot a handful! And deliberately left out many dodgy schemes in niches too dirty to talk about here I'm not too proud of anyway.

And my newest hobbies are high-ticket ones: 1-1 coaching and paid seminars. 

Because this is pretty cool:


This isn't just about money.

Sure, money is fun. But can you imagine how great it's to work on things with a purpose?

It's great. 

My philosophy about building online now is about three things:

1) Learning new skills,

2) Exploring curiosities, and

3) The incredible freedom to build anything!

The first one is the big one.

Just as an example, you can learn to write better when you build and sell online.

For me, that skill has landed many of the big wins in my 9-5. 

Here's a clip of a message one (rather famous) course owner sent to his tens of thousands of followers:

...I scored an almost one million dollar grant (at least partially) by learning to write as part of a fun side hobby.

Cool, eh?

This is what I want you to do as well: Take your personal and professional skillset to the next level by building a side business that helps you in some way.

Because a side business you build from the start for the right reasons enables you to:

  • Stack new skills and get an edge in the hyper-competitive modern job market
  • Network far beyond what is possible in your job
  • Gain a greater sense of autonomy in life
  • Explore your wildest curiosities
  • Exit your comfort zone

In BUILD28, I will teach you everything I've learned over the past 15 years of continuous trial-and-error. 

I'm leaving nothing out.

And I will bring in friends as co-instructors to share their experiences.

But you will also teach each other. Everyone has something to teach and share. 

This is a four-week program for all of us to get better together.

For this time only, BUILD28 is free for you. 

The next one will not.

With BUILD28 you will:

Stage 1: build your Mindset

Listen, you already have what it takes. During Stage 1, you'll learn exactly how to approach the fabulous world of side businesses so that you won't burn out, will have the right expectations, and will build on a solid foundation. 

The stage will culminate in you being 100% sure on what to create during BUILD28.

Stage 2: build your product

Speed is king. In just one ultra-focused sprint, you will put together your minimum viable product that you can start to profit from during the next weeks.

The week will culminate in you successfully deploying online the first version of your new product – ready for people's credit cards!

Stage 3: Upgrade Your Content Game

You'll work out a natural way to start selling your product while growing your professional credibility with your content. You'll receive an exact plan to promote your product successfully and consistently. 

The stage culminates in you understanding how to create content that resonates with your audience and leads into sales consistently.

Stage 4: Networking Madness!

You'll learn to leverage the Internet for what it really is: the greatest networking platform on the planet. This includes efficient communication with other people pursuing similar goals to yours as well as potential buyers.

The stage will culminate in you graduating as a proud creator instead of a mere consumer!

Here's how, in practice:

Hit the buy button anywhere on this page and you'll get instant access to the entire BUILD28 curriculum. It's delivered on a notion page that hosts all the video lessons for the different stages, the bonuses, and a few extra surprises I'm not even talking about here. 

You'll also be able to join (optional) my Build Camp Discord. In the discord you can get 1-1 support from me and your peers, and of course it's useful for that sweet public accountability. 

You get to keep everything forever, even if you decide to ask for a refund. You'll get all the future lessons and bonuses too – rest assured I'm here to stay. 

Get BUILD28 and you will get:

  • Your new side business you can be proud of
  • A new way of developing an unstoppable network online
  • An unstoppable mindset about self-growth, through building your future online


BONUS 1: Content Alchemist Pro ($99)

Get BUILD28 and you'll get to duplicate my personal online laboratory, which takes out all the guesswork and tedious planning of online content creation. You'll learn how to write amazing threads, tweets and how to plan and distribute (and multiply) your newsletter content. No more stress!


BONUS 2: Launch It! ($47)

Master a habit-based approach to building online. Learn a science-based approach to building without burnout with this standalone video course. Included in your BUILD28!


BONUS 3: Five Factors of Focus ($87)

Speed is king. The best way to build fast is to squeeze everything out of your daily building blocks. Learn to sustain attention on the one task at hand to multiply your productivity. This is a replay of a seminar I sell for corporate teams for $1999 (and the replays for $79).


What exactly are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

The idea participant is an industry professional with a minimum of 2-3 years of experience. Any experience should be ok, as that typically mean you have some skills that others can benefit from. Don't overthink now – we'll help you figure out what's worthy of being productized!

What should I build?

In general, an eBook or a short video-based course. Some people have seen great success with short PDF checklists too, or simple Notion dashboards. We go for things that are easy to build, easy to sell. This is not for creating software, filling surveys or creating a business to walk the neighbourhood dogs. This is about information products online.

How much time do I need?

Not that much. But your product is not going to be building itself either. I suggest a minimum of 30-45 minutes of daily work. That guarantees a good outcome. You can take days off (we all have lives to lead) but consistency and not giving up is key. 

But I don't have anything to teach...

You do. You really do. You just haven't done the work to find out what. In this course, you will do just that. And I'll help you. The trick is not in the skills, it's in the audience -- but you'll learn about this inside then! 

About Simo Hosio, Ph.D. 

Professor, Digital Creator

I'm a scientist-educator 9-5 and a creator 24/7. I've built, launched, failed, succeeded more times than I care to count over the past 15 years. And now I'm sharing the journey and empowering others do the same: Build a side business online that 1) looks and feels like you and 2) supports your professional growth, 3) forces you out of your comfort zone. And sure, it can also print you cash, no harm in that, but that's not our primary goal here.