Over the years, I’ve started, developed and managed some 50-60 web properties, for fun and profit.

Most of them failed miserably. Some of them never saw visitors other than me.

But a handful of them are success stories I’ll gladly talk more about (in private).

As an online marketer, my top-5 strengths are:

  • Data-driven conversion optimization
  • Cross-selling
  • Creating new digital products to upsell
  • Co-creation processes (crowdsourcing content from your users)
  • The tech side of things; tinkering with the CMS, integrating marketing automation across the whole value/product chain, etc.

OK, here’s a bonus one: There’s a ton of things I don’t know. But I always know someone who knows. I can connect you to the right people.

Contact me, let’s see if we can work somehow together! I’m at my best if we can work out a commission-based deal (a fixed % of any increased, trackable revenue I summon your way).