Mmm.. I Write about Food, Too!

News time. Exciting, eh?

We had a full paper accepted to CHI 2018 on crowdsourcing back pain treatments.

But that’s not the news.

Actually I just wanted to write this so I can post a picture of a hamburger. It’s in the header. So, chances are, you only see a slice of it.

I like hamburgers every now and then.

So, the news is I’m now also a certified food scientist. Party time!

We’re working on a system that will allow people to find personalised diets.

Because obesity is bad, okay? It’s not good for one’s health. And health is all that matters, really.

So, we wrote a paper on that stuff, too. Find the gem from this fine Portuguese gentleman’s archives. Or, if you want, you could also support The Netherlands, by getting the .pdf here!




  • Simo
  • February 20, 2018
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