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The Scientific Diet Selector

This is…The Scientific Diet Selector

And my first test run with the new WordPress editor….

But let’s see if my pet plugin / dev exercise works!


Finally Discover What Works for You!

Did You Know? You may have failed to lose weight because of trying the wrong diets.

Now you can finally choose a diet based on knowledge from people just like yourself!

And it's all based on science!

OK! Who are you?

We'll use data from people like you to improve the suggestions.

What matters in your diet?

Choose one or more and be honest.

- It helps me lose weight fast Does not matter at all

- It's a good long-term solution Does not matter at all

- It needs to be generally recommended by others Does not matter at all

- The diet mentally easy to follow Does not matter at all

- It provides the needed nutrients for general well-being Does not matter at all

- The diet is cheap Does not matter at all

The best diets for you are:

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Sure thing!

It's not easy, we know. Sign up below, and we'll help you get started:

By The Scientific Diet Selector

Is it there?

Rejects keep on flowing

I celebrate rejects.

Got another one, just last Friday, from the Academy of Finland.

I’ve been a busy bee


Since it’s been a while from the last remarkable news item here, I thought I’d let you all know.

Making rejections public also serves another, perhaps more worthy purpose: letting people fellow academics know it’s tough out here.



Mmm.. I Write about Food, Too!

News time. Exciting, eh?

We just got a full paper accepted to CHI 2018 on crowdsourcing back pain treatments!

But that’s not the news.

Actually I just wanted to write this so I can post a picture of a hamburger.

I like hamburgers.

The news is I’m now also a certified food scientist. Party time!

We’re working on a system that allows people to find personalised diets.

So, we have a workshop paper on that, in CHI as well. Find the gem from this fine Portuguese gentleman’s archives. Or if you want you could also support The Netherlands by getting the PDF here!




Best (Short) Paper Award


Good news this time! (I guess one seldom publishes bad news… or maybe I should start publishing a news item every time we get a reject – which is pretty damn often…)

Anyway, our paper titled Exploring the Use of Ambient WiFi Signals to Find Vacant Houses (by Shin’ichi Konomi, Tomoyo Sasao, me, and Kaoru Sezaki) won the Best Short Paper Award at the 2017 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence.

This is more or less the first paper coming out as a result of my Visit to the University of Tokyo last summer (2016), which makes me a happy panda!


The Great News Experiment

So I’m starting to publish short news here.

Why? I’m not exactly sure.

But I’ll give it a decent go. If I won’t find the reason during the next, say, 6 months, I’ll just quit.

That’s what experiments are for – trying stuff and seeing if it’s worth it!

Oh, and experiments are also a key ingredient in Kaizen Hour!